The INTRIGUE platform is comprehensive and focused exactly on providing what modern properties require in terms of support through a comprehensive ecosystem that delivers a luxury call center, central reservation system, revenue management platform, global sales team, PR, advertising agency creative, brand building, social media, lifestyle service culture training, and more. In short, we have it covered with one team, one all-inclusive toolkit and unlimited opportunity.

Want to know more about what is in our secret sauce?


Central Reservation System

INTRIGUE offers the most robust, flexible, easy-to-use rate and inventory management SaaS applications that support a multitude of rate, inventory and distribution strategies to achieve your business goals with a simple user interface and tablet-ready features for managing hotel inventory from anywhere. Additionally, we offer seamless integration between with property systems means cost savings, synchronized data and happy guests.

With a dedicated luxury call center and integrated customer relationship management platform, INTRIGUE provides a holistic system to engage guests at all stages of the guest journey.


Revenue Management

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Service Alchemy

We don’t just promise – we deliver. INTRIGUE’s DNA is to understand the brand’s key characteristics and to model its service alchemy and training programs on this basis.  The process begins with talent acquisition; finding the right people to deliver the experience will be crucial to curating the hotel experience. Service alchemy includes specific exercises for every guest touch point including a weekly scoreboard for measuring service excellence.

The curriculum also includes scenography standards to stimulate the five senses – lighting and artwork (sight), music programming by time of day (sound), scents to reinforce brand positioning (smell), culinary and mixology creativity (taste), and high quality comforts (touch) to help reinforce the authentic hotel experience that modern travelers desire.

Inspiring Loyalty

With our IN DISCOVERY program, INTRIGUE is a proud partner with the Global Hotel Alliance. DISCOVERY is a one-of-a-kind loyalty program that gives members recognition and benefits across independent INTRIGUE properties and beyond, with more than 30+ hotel brands with 550+ hotels in 75 countries. IN DISCOVERY rewards members with Local Experience awards, and authentic activities that help guests connect to the culture and local traditions of each destination.


Sales & Marketing Support

As one of the few independent hotel management companies that employs a global sales team covering every segment of business – traditional corporate transient, group, international FIT, Tour, wholesale, and others, INTRIGUE by Interstate has deeply rooted relationships with almost every core account sourcing business into the United States. The team also manages a robust data warehouse to dissect transactional data in efforts to deploy grass roots strategies to drive business into any location

In addition, INTRIGUE utilizes an in-house agency model to deliver a  marketing brain trust to service the branding, creative concepting, and online and traditional marketing needs of our properties with marketing teams on the East and West Coasts to support creative design, public relations, social media, and digital marketing.


INTRIGUE Hotels by Interstate brings a modern, tech-centric, lifestyle-focused management psyche to a variety of independent and soft-branded properties including urban boutique hotels, upscale restaurants, spa retreats and international properties. INTRIGUE Hotels & Resorts delivers innovative culture, style and technology of next generation lodging and experiential services to fulfill the curiosities of the modern traveler.