Great Taste in Tasting Great

With an experienced approach to dining, drinking, and destination-based branding, INTRIGUE has experience managing a diverse portfolio of food and beverage operations. We understand that dining is more than just flavor; it’s about atmosphere, ambiance, and most of all, a memorable guest experience. So whether it’s a photo-worthy cocktail, or interactive tableside preparation, INTRIGUE can create some of the most talked-about dining destinations. Between INTRIGUE and Interstate hotel properties we are dedicated to providing the ultimate guest experience in modern hotel F&B offerings.


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Million in Annual Revenues

Committed to developing world-class outlets that appeal to modern travelers, INTRIGUE has a roster of renowned celebrated chefs, mixologists, and nightlife figures to consultant, or engage in partnerships, to develop specific concepts for the appropriate project. With insightful research and analysis from our in-house team of analysts to ensure best profit margins, to training tools to enhance the quality and creativity of our hotels’ F&B teams, INTRIGUE is committed to the development of unique, authentic and successful F&B programs appropriate for each hotel’s size and business goals.

Chef Driven Menus

From morning breakfast rooms, three-meal outlets, to five-star restaurants, INTRIGUE’s unique chef-drive menu program have transformed the hotel dining experience for our guests. Whether it is partnerships with local purveyors that truly embody the concept of farm-to-fork, menu items that reflect the local culture or regional flavors in an authentic fashion, or engagements with a roster of celebrated chefs to bring notable styles to our hotel properties coast-to-coast, INTRIGUE’s menu program is distinctly different than other management companies.

This commitment extends beyond just the dining room, with catering menus and group programs inspired by the same tenets that have lead to success in our restaurants, and ensuring that our standard banquet fare is far from standard.

Creative Cocktails

The hotel bar has evolved, and today’s guests have come to expect a destination lounge and nightlife experience in their hotel. INTRIGUE’s curated beverage program is specifically designed to elevate the bar and lounge experience and to foster a creative, conceptual beverage program derived from organic mixtures and memorial self expressions.

Elements of the program include Cocktail Chemistry, where mixtures as basic as tonic water are made from scratch and on display for customers to experience; Cocktail Botany, with infused cocktail menus derived from ingredients harvested on property from visible herb gardens; and Mood Cocktails, in which there is a section of the menu that is curated to aligning cocktails with the guests’ particular moods. These, and other elements, help propel the INTRIGUE beverage program to innovate and inspire.

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The INTRIGUE platform is comprehensive and focused exactly on providing what modern properties require in terms of support through a comprehensive ecosystem that delivers a luxury call center, central reservation system, revenue management platform, global sales team, PR, advertising agency creative, brand building, social media, lifestyle service culture training, and more. In short, we have it covered with one team, one all-inclusive toolkit and unlimited opportunity.

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